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Galaxy Lamp
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This impressive lamp tells us the story about the universe and our existence!


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Galaxy Lamp - Your Very Own Galaxy

Every galaxy of this universe has a name. We live in the Milky Way; our neighboring galaxy is known as Andromeda, and the list goes one. Wouldn’t it be great if you can name your own galaxy? Weird obsession? Uh, okay! If you love studying space, planets, and constellations, you will love these little illuminating globes. The galaxy lamp’s overall design is based on NASA’s satellite images that means all the stars you see in the lamp are real! Don’t say you aren‘t impressed.

Size Matters

The galaxy lamp comes in two different sizes, so you can always get one based on your budget and room’s dimension. The larger one has a size of 6 inches or 15 cm, and the smaller one comes in 3 inches or 8 cm.

Adjust the colors based on your preference

You will get 16 different colors and 3 different light modes in a single lamp. The brightness is adjustable, so you can tone the brightness down and leave it lit when it’s time to sleep.


16 different colors with 3 different lighting modes. You can change the tones and adjust the brightness according to your preference. Perfect as party decor, bedside lamp, and tea table. Suitable for kids and pets.

Environment Friendly

Made of ABS plastic so it doesn't heat up, therefore absolutely zero chance of burning your hands. Comes in 2 different sizes - 15 cm (6 inches) & 8 cm (3 inches).

Gifts that are One of a Kind

Gone are the days when you had to scratch your head to find a suitable gift for your loved ones. Our items are not only unique but versatile, which means you can use them for more than one event. Whether it’s a child or an adult, we believe everyone will love these majestic lamps.

Why The Galaxy Lamp?
  • Its Earth-friendly
  • Its kid and pet friendly (Little to no heat means no concerns for curious kids)
  • Its Chemical free
Beware of Counterfeit Products!

We urge you to understand one thing; cheap doesn’t mean quality! If a company is selling you dirt-cheap products, it’s highly likely that they are fakes. We suggest you research the products first before buying. Always feel secure in knowing that our products are authentic. Beware of those selling fake Galaxy Waves’ products at a lower price than the prices listed on our original website.

  • Color :

    16 Colors, adjustable brightness, 3different lighting modes.

  • Material :

    100% Eco-friendly ABS

  • Color :

    16 Colors, adjustable brightness, 3different lighting modes.

  • Charging Time :

    2 Hours with included USB charger

  • Working Time :

    Up to 10 hours battery life (or use while plugged in)

  • Size :

    2 Different sizes

Shipping Times
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    4-7 days

  • UK :

    7-10 days

  • Canada :

    4-7 days

  • Australia :

    7-10 days

  • Europe (Germany, Spain. Italy, France, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Netherlands) :

    7-10 days

  • Rest of the World :

    10-21 days