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About Us

Prepare To Be Over The Moon With Galaxy Waves!

“There are at least as many galaxies in our observable universe as there are stars in our galaxy.”

- Martin Rees

Our Story

If you are a curious astrophile, you would know that galaxies are amongst the most beautiful creations in the universe! We love to study the galaxy - the sun, the moon, the planets, everything. The bitter truth is, not everyone is lucky enough to embark on a journey of exploring and observing space.

At Galaxy Waves, we understand this yearning, and this motivated us to believe that if we can’t explore the moon and planets in the galaxy, we can bring them to us! Thus, the idea of galaxy-themed products was born. We have used high-resolution imageries from NASA’s satellite and crafted these fine lamps and projectors to give you a sense of surrealism. Thrilling, isn’t it? Now, the entire galaxy is in your grasp!

Why should you shop at Galaxy Waves?


Because we care! We always have the best intentions for you as our customers; therefore, we have incorporated high-quality materials and aesthetic designs to construct realistic-looking lamps. Forget those cheap-looking lamps that give you an eyesore!

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